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We have all become increasingly dependent on our mobile devices. As Devices have evolved and have added advanced feature-sets, battery life has become a significant issue and an additional stressor in our lives.

CHARGit is a pioneering technology that allows for unlimited clean and convenient wireless charging in any environment where power is needed for smartphones, tablets, laptops and all micro USB devices.

The average smartphone user is now forced to charge their device at least once during any given day.

At CHARGit it is our focus to create the next generation of a power infrastructure. Allowing mobile users, the opportunity to power their devices easily and everywhere. Using our unique APP we will help users locate charging venues & increase footfall.

Intelligent Wireless Charging

The beauty behind CHARGit is its simplicity.

A CHARGhub unit, fitted under a surface such as a counter/bar/table top, creates a charging zone. Simply place a device, or even several devices, within the zone and they will charge.

There's no need for any finding power sockets or to carrying cables. There's no need for unsightly charging plates, core drilling or precise alignment.

Just place it and go.

We call this the power of simplicity.

We can all charge our devices in our own environments; however, CHARGit is building an infrastructure of friendly wireless charging venues in public spaces, where we can all charge anywhere at any time.

Hospitality & Retail

Hotels, restaurants, bars and other hospitality venues can offer their guests an additional service, whilst improving the guest experience and creating loyal clients. Using our unique APP to generate footfall and increase consumer spend.


The office of today is one of communication and collaboration, where we rely on users to bring in their own devices to augment this interaction. This creates a need of multiple cables and power sources. Whether it be for a quick top up of power or a lengthy meeting, CHARGit will enhance the user experience.


The perfect environment to alleviate battery anxiety. People who are on the move all day, without easy access to a power supply will make a beeline for charging opportunities presented to them.


University campuses, colleges and schools are increasingly dependent on mobile technology. Keeping this technology charged and accessible for students is central to a modern learning experience.

Why choose CHARGit wireless charging?

Drop & Go Charging

Drop & Go Charging

Simple and convenient, the user places devices on the charging surface​​

Scalable Smart Power

Scalable Smart Power

It’s possible to charge devices with different power requirements and different power states within the same area​

Ease of Installation

Ease of Installation

The CHARGhub allows for up to 40mm of signal penetration through tables and other, non-metallic surfaces​​

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